Hi, i'm Cp! I'm a big fan of Pokemon, but i'm also in a lot of other fandoms too. I also enjoy Ace Attorney, Doctor Who, and various other video games and television shows.

I also voiced the UTAUloid Ayano Avaron, which people apparently still like for whatever silly dumb reason.

Zekrom is my top favorite Pokemon!

Zekrom Sprite Credit: pldh.net
Background by Bluewiikoon @ deviantART


The ShinyCaterpie and Zwampert blogs have reached 10,000 followers this week! That has to be celebrated of course!

We decided to not only give away our iconic Pokemon, which are a Swampert and a Caterpie, but also all the Eeveelutions! These Eeveelutions have a special move called “Celebrate”.  All of these Pokemon are Shiny and have perfect IVs!

How does this giveaway work?
Once the deadline is reached, we will generate a random number. The corresponding note will receive the prize! We will generate three numbers, meaning there will be three winners!

What can you win?
All three winners will receive a shiny Caterpie and a shiny Swampert. Additionally, they will be able to choose which Eeveelutions they want!

  • First prize: Caterpie & Swampert + 4 Eeveelutions
  • Second prize: Caterpie & Swampert + 3 Eeveelutions
  • Third prize: Caterpie & Swampert + 2 Eeveelutions

Of course, the first prize winner gets to choose whichever eeveelution they want. Second and third will have to choose from those that are leftover.


  • Must be following both ShinyCaterpie and Zwampert.
  • No giveaway or inactive sideblogs.
  • Ask box MUST be open.
  • Only reblogs count.

This giveaway ends September 25th. For more information on how they were obtained and their stats, please click here.

Reblog if you play, or have played, any Pokémon game. That includes games like Pokémon Art Academy, Pokéon Ranger and so on


It’s just me being curious.

Anonymous said: continuing with the villain i can't take seriously any more, IC he's still cloyingly cheerful and condescending but OOC he's pretty much a closet weeb trying to be like all the "insane" anime villains with crazy laughs and mile wide smiles


by the way, i feel like i know  you but i can’t put my finger on it

Anonymous said: so i have this character who was supposed to be a villain but before i knew it i made him into a total dork full of voice cracks and weeaboo statements help

Omfg, I have a few characters intended to be villains but I ended up adoring them so much I couldn’t ;A; Now they’re just huge nerds.

P.S. If you want/can, tell me more about this character! OvO

tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine


In spirit of Halloween coming soon, I will draw anyone who reblogs this as a monster based on their blog!


chandeluress said: um. I'm spook. I like orange and purple. I ship dumb oc's with my friend. I like mint chip and also peanut butter cup ice creams. I have a cat and also a bunch of kittens I foster as I work for the spca. Ye.

aaaa!! ;;u;; cute cute cute!! thank you for sending an ask!!


dear 98% of the people that follow me that dont talk to me



Who are you

Whats your favorite color

Favorite ship

Favorite ice cream flavor

Do you have a cat


reblogging again bc I already got some from really cute people, but it makes me unreasonably happy to read these from you SO KEEP ON SENDING THEM