Hi, i'm Cp! I'm a big fan of Pokemon, but i'm also in a lot of other fandoms too. I also enjoy Ace Attorney, Doctor Who, and various other video games and television shows.

I also voiced the UTAUloid Ayano Avaron, which people apparently still like for whatever silly dumb reason.

Zekrom is my top favorite Pokemon!

Zekrom Sprite Credit: pldh.net
Background by Bluewiikoon @ deviantART
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hi so my friend alice has been missing for over 24 hours now and everyone is getting really worried, so if you live around london uk would you please ring 101 if you see this girl, it would mean a lot thank you bye

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-28997068 this bbc news story explains more about it so please help if you can #findalice

Please help find Alice - west London - URGENT help needed


she was last seen in Kew by the canal, but she could have walked anywhere from there

shes only 14 and has health problems that make her seriously vulnerable

another pic of her:




I’m shaking omfg



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Grand prize: One custom plush commission and one premade crow/raven plush.

First prize: One custom plush commission

Second prize: One minipillow commission

Third prize: One crow/raven plush

There will be 1 winner for each place save for third prize which will have two winners for a total of 5 winners. :)


  • The white ravens only come as ravens, I didn’t make any crow versions of them. The only difference between the birds is their tail shape.
  • The examples pictured are the winning prizes from the last giveaway I hosted, but if you want to see more, you can check my main or my art blog
  • I live in the US but I will ship internationally, although if I get a bunch of international winners it may take a bit to send, since it’s a $10+ cost per package to ship and I have to pay that out of pocket.
  • I won’t duplicate existing commissions, but anything else is fair game. Anything on my list of plush I’ll remake (aside from the larger krakens haha), anything in my gallery not labelled as a commission, heck I can even make Situ plush prizes.


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this is my baby happy, She is the sweetest puppy you’ll ever meet and she loves everyone she meets. On monday morning she was hit by a car which left her hip bone and her spine fractured (as shown in the picture above: her legs are so messed up she cant sit properly ; she is very doped up on pain medicine rn). She is under the care of doctor lowry at the talladega veterinary clinic. She needs surgery but we cant afford it - the cost is over $5000. If she doesn’t have the surgery they will put her to sleep. This is an immediate situation. you can donate here:


Or you can donate directly to the clinic You can donate directly to the clinic -under Happy’s account. 923 north st. E. talladega, al 35160 or call (256-362-6764)(7am -5pm)

Ive seen people do these types of things for disney land or some other types of surgery, so please please PLEASE help me save my baby’s life, please

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I have never asked anyone on this website for anything, please i am  begging you to save her life.

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Your follower count is what Pokémon you are. What kind of Pokémon are you?


If your count is higher than 719, then divide by 2 until you reach the first number to land in the 1 - 719 range and round up!

I’m a spinda


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HEY. HEEEY. Let’s all sit down while I explain to you guys in simple terms, why you’re a twat for being a twat about Katy Coope.

So, let’s imagine you’re about fifteen years old. Manga is pretty new in the UK and you are one of the first people on this very new UK manga scene and you’re super pumped about drawing manga! Of course you are! There aren’t many good manga artists because it’s so new that when established adult artists try to draw it it’s insincere and contrived looking, but the actually manga influenced artists are all still teenagers and a bit rough about the edges.

A guy from a publishing house comes across you and your work and says “Wow, you’re great at this manga drawing thing! It’s getting really popular and people want how to draw books on it, so we’ve been looking for somebody good at manga to make something like that, would you like to?”

Would you say “No”? Would you honestly, at fifteen years old, turn down the change to be a paid, published manga artist? Would you have the self-awareness to say “Actually I don’t think I’m ready and this could bite me in the arse down the line” when a publisher is telling you you’re exactly what he’s after and offering to publish you and you’d get money!? Any artist with an ounce of sense wouldn’t turn that opportunity down!

So Katy Coope got published, and because it was, at the time, one of the only books on the subject for a non-Japanese audience, and the publisher worked hard to get it distributed in schools, it was a huge hit! It inspired young artists to try manga and many remember it fondly. It was so successful, the sequel book above was made two years later (so we’re keeping track here. She drew that at seventeen. When I was seventeen, my work looked like this: Oh god how did I ever become a professional illustrator!?

So, the first book was in 2002, the second 2004. That’s over a decade ago and she was still getting hate for these books in her mid-late twenties, so much that she eventually closed her deviantart accound because of the constant crap she had to put up with ten plus years later! She got a lot of messages from people she’d inspired too, but oh my god. Being a friend, I saw some of what she got and it was just… I don’t know how she coped and stayed such a warm, friendly person, it was horrible.

See, here’s the part people don’t talk about. She got better:

OH SHIT WHAT’S THIS!!?!!!?!?! It’s a really solid book on manga that is my number one recommended manga drawing book when I run workshops at schools and the like! The art is solid, it gives excellent general tips on things like anatomy, head rotations, drawing hair and poses and it encourages kids to try things unlike most books that just teach you how to just slavishly recreate their examples! Also, she made this book, if you’re doing the maths here, when she was like what? 21!? That is bonkers. When I was 21, my work was nowhere near publishable quality!

That book was made Only four years after that one in the picture at the top there. This lady worked her bum off improving.

Also, she is super nice. Like, really super awesome nice. She will always have time to chat and say hello at conventions. She will never ignore or look down on you if you’re not well known or not published. She’s friendly, polite and she runs great workshops for kids. She’s a skilled web designer too!

Some of you may even have been enjoying her work without even realising it’s the same person! Like:




The improvement is so great, you probably wouldn’t even know it was the same artist, but it is. She is awesome and she shouldn’t be being mocked; she ought to be a goddamn ROLE MODEL.

Please reblog and put an end to this bullshit. Katy Coope is a rad lady and we should be celebrating her current work instead of endlessly going on about stuff she did when she was still literally a child.





Fuck this.
Fuck this post so much.

Do not tell me
you’re best friend
would not sit in at your lunch table
for three fucking days
just staring blankly at your old seat
wishing that you were there
to fill the space with laughter.

Do not tell me
your younger brother
would not break down
in the middle of class
because you guys started talking about
your favorite type of subject
in school.

Do not tell me
your mother
would not stare into the mirror
with trembling lips
wishing she could be
bringing you home from the hospital
rather than having to escort you away
in a casket to the nearest graveyard.

Do not tell me
your father
would not begin working
the night shifts
to distract himself
of the silence at home
because you’re not up
until the ungodly hours of the night
talking to what’s-his/her-face
on the phone
because you guys are so in love.

Do not tell me
your boyfriend/girlfriend
would not go into your room
and put on the last hoodie you wore
trying to desperately imprint
your sent onto their skin
so they never forget your smell.

Do not tell me
your friends
would not stare blankly
at the gymnasium wall
after the principal has announced
your death
to the entire school
making no sound
trying to convince themselves
this is just another one of
your impractical jokes.

Do NOT fucking TELL ME
this bullshit line
of how the stars would still appear
the sun would still come out
the earth would still rotate
and the seasons will still change
because without YOU
you lil beautiful piece of human being
none of these people will want
ANY of that to happen.

So yes.

Fuck this.

Fuck this post so much.

Reblogging for the comment because damn

Almost made me cry.

fucking preach. each and every one of you is important. someone loves you